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Residential Apartment for Sale in Abu Dhabi Directly from Owner

Apartment for sale in Abu Dhabi

So many people have a dream to live in Abu Dhabi, if you want your dreams to come true you have to buy an apartment in Abu
Dhabi. This top city in the world provides people with amazing business and recreational opportunities. Many foreign nationals with different experiences have looked for work in the capital of the UAE and decided to go there and grab the opportunity. The best places for working people looking for beautiful and comfortable apartments for sale in Abu-Dhabi.

Furthermore, Abu Dhabi provides more than just outstanding housing and employment options. Apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi have the most breathtaking views of the modern town and shining lights in a refreshing environment. With towers reflecting high above the skyline, the city is constantly alive with activity, day and night. Additionally, the majority of Abu-Dhabi apartments for sale are located in complexes that offer a wide range of amenities to building people inside, including shops, restaurants, cafés, swimming pools, gyms, pharmacies, and more.

Everything You Should Know about Apartments for Sale in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is an extremely energetic city that effectively combines modernism with deep culture. The UAE's capital city is renowned for its luxurious way of life, high-end dining and retail establishments, stunning beaches, and vibrant arts community. Regarding the real estate sector, there is a wide range of properties in UAE. Apartments in Abu Dhabi are differentiated from other types of property by their exceptional blending of modern architecture and luxurious living.

Buyers can choose from 10,000+ active listings for apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi on DirectSB, based on their preferences for areas and budgets. There are options for apartment type, price range, and coverage area.

Abu Dhabi has changed over the last 48 years from being a collection of more than 200 desert islands to a metropolitan center of culture. The UAE capital is sometimes referred to as the more relaxed, emirate of Dubai, yet it has an appeal all its own. Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of islands for people wishing to buy an apartment, from ones that are entertainment-focused like Yas Island to ones that are luxury-focused like Saadiyat Island. With the addition of the 2019 rules regarding foreign ownership of freehold properties, buying an apartment in Abu Dhabi has never been simpler.


Sales Trends for Apartments in Abu Dhabi

DirectSB's property listings include studios and 1 to 4-bedroom apartments. On Saadiyat Island, there are a few residential buildings with apartments that have 5 or more bedrooms. Across the emirate, ready-to-move-in or off-plan residences are offered to interested investors. The average rental return on apartments available to buy in Abu Dhabi is 4.59%. However, the kind, size, and location of the property all affect these returns. Each apartment for sale price may differ depending on several variables, such as the size, location, view, condition, and stage of completion of the unit.



Average Cover Area



495 sq. ft

625k AED


798 sq. ft

961k AED


1,578 sq. ft

1.59M AED


1,876 sq. ft

2.54M AED


Types of Apartments Available for Sale in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi provides a variety of apartments for sale. These are a few types of apartments that are offered for sale in Abu Dhabi.

Studio Apartments:

These are small apartments with an open floor plan that usually have a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. These are usually the most affordable apartments and are perfect for individuals or couples.

Regular Apartments:

These apartments are categorized based on the number of bedrooms provided and are larger than studios. In addition to a living space, kitchen, and separate bedroom, they frequently have a balcony and a maid's room

Serviced Apartments:

These completely equipped apartments are found in residential complexes or hotels. They are a popular selection for investors seeking rental income and include housekeeping and maintenance services.

Duplex Apartments:

A living space, kitchen, and at least 1 bedroom are usually located on the lower level of a duplex apartment, while additional bedrooms are located on the upper level. They provide a feeling of loneliness and distance.

Furnished Apartments:

In Abu Dhabi, there are lots of furnished apartments for sale. Located all around Abu Dhabi, these ready-to-move-in apartments have an average sale price of:


AED 591K

1 Bedroom

AED 1.15M

2 Bedroom

AED 1.9M

3 Bedroom

AED 3.4M

4 Bedroom

AED 5.9M

5 Bedroom


Un-Furnished Apartments:

Interested buyers may also explore listings for unfurnished apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi on DirectSB. You can design these units any way you like. In Abu Dhabi, the average cost of purchasing an unfurnished apartment is approximately:


AED 633K

1 Bedroom

AED 939K

2 Bedroom

AED 1.56M

3 Bedroom

AED 2.53M


Is it the perfect moment to buy an apartment for investment in Abu Dhabi?

It's a perfect moment to buy an apartment because of the UAE's present property market conditions. Not only is there a vast array of options available, but the past 18 months have seen a softening in prices, so if you choose to buy now, you will probably get the greatest deal. Before converting from tenant to owner, there are a few things you should think about if you're a first-time purchase. For instance, how long do you want to stay in the United Arab Emirates and what amenities are available in the community where you are thinking of buying an apartment to suit your needs?

Can Expats Buy Apartments in Abu Dhabi?

Foreign nationals can buy apartments in Abu Dhabi in specific places, such as Al Reef, Yas Island, Masdar City, Saadiyat Island, Sayh Al Sedairah, and Al Raha Beach.