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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions is a property platform that connects property owners and buyers without requiring them to pay any agency or commission fees. We believe that, ‘Your Property Is Your Asset, Only You Would Care The Most About It,' property owners should have the flexibility to choose the deal that best suits them. As for the buyers, they shouldn’t have to pay high commissions in order to find a good offer. As a result, the platform assists you in eliminating third-party agreements. Creating a win-win situation for all parties. Consider DirectSellBuy as direct bridge between the Owners/Sellers/ Landlords/Developers and Buyers/Tenants/Vacation Rentals. You can also book hotels,advertise your businesess; download automated documents and templates.

Yes! whether you are a Property Owner, Buyer, Seller, Landlord, Tenant, vacation owner, vacation tenant, or Developer, you can register with DirectSellBuy chosing any category you desire. You can choose from available properties in the market or you can list unlimited properties and get complete customer care support for any information needed throughout the completion of your transaction.

Yes, the information provided by the users upon registration will be verified by DirectSellBuy. This is to confirm that all of the properties listed on our website are genuine and correct. Furthermore, the verification procedure will ensure that the user is legitimate. We only list genuine properties from genuine owners.

No! There are no subscription charges. Property owners can list their properties for free. However, you can always upgrade your packages at a very insignificant one time fee. These packages will help the sellers to advertise their properties on various social media channels and also will give them professional aesthetic pictures and videos that they can use forever. For property seekers, their are packages through which they can get the details of the owners. This marginal small charge is to ensure that only serious buyers/tenants contact the owners. This also saves the property owners on privacy terms and stops unnecessary phone calls. If you were looking to purchase or rent a property while using an agent, you are obligated to pay them 2% agency fee for purchase and if you rent a property you are obliogated to pay an agent 5% fee of the annual rental amount. However, with DirestSB you can choose the package that best suits your requirements. For example, if you selected a property for purchase, you may choose to take a plan that gives you one (1) seller's contact details. However, if you wish to have more choices of properties to choose from, you may go with a higher package (one time) that will give you access to contact details of more sellers. This will help you save on the entire commission that you otherwise had to pay to an agent. In addition, the customer will have complete control over their property preferences and requirements using these plans. Plus, you will have access to our team who will assist you throughout the process until your transaction is completed.

Yes ! is an online property platform that caters to all users in the United Arab Emirates. Anyone, whether a property seeker or owner, can access all available properties or list their properties for sale or rent on as long as the property(s) is/are in the UAE.

Property Owner Related Questions

Yes, you may list your other property(s) while your first property is being verified. For owner's security and privacy, we always ensure to verify all the listings that are entered into

Yes, you have to submit your ownership document and at least one valid ID to verify that you own the property. If you are the owner’s representative, you should have the authorization from the owner to list the property on his/her behalf.

No, not at all. Your information is shielded from the general public; only serious property seekers who purchase a package will have access to your contact information. One of the additional benefits of listing your property on DirectSellBuy is that you will only get calls from serious buyers/tenants.

Before the property is live on the website, the DirectSB Team will verify it. Once the property is live on the website, the owner will receive an e-mail notification. DirectSB verifies all the properties listed on its portal. It may take sometime for your property to appear on the website. You will recieve and email once your property is approved.

Very easy! All you need to do is to log-in and access all your property details on your Dashboard. This is where you can make changes to all your property(s) listings. After making changes to the information, it will be verified again, and you will be notified via email when the listing is up on the website.

You will be notified as soon as a buyer/tenant has seeked and paid to access your contact details. The system populates the SMS message and sends you the buyer's contact details. This way, you will know who has inquired and seeked information about you and your property. Further, you will also receive an email confirmation mentioning the details of the buyer. You may also at any time go to your Dashboard and see the details of any buyer who may have contacted you or seeked your contact details. So that in future if you would wish to follow up with them to take your communication forward.

If you wish to sell/rent your property faster, it is advisable to take a Gold/Platinum package which will help DSB to boost your listing amongst the highest visible properties on the website.

Your listing headline should be catchy and showcase the property's best qualities. The property photos you upload should be bright and clear (Not less than 1MB size). Include images of the exterior, living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and other essential areas of the property. Provide your property's exact location. Include a brief description of your property as well as its location. In the listing, do not include your email address or phone number. Note: Please remember - Uploading photographs that are blurry is not a good idea. Need help with this? We got you. You can pick from our plans, pay a nominal one-time fee and we will help you. We can provide you a professional photographer and help you in listing you property. We will also highlight your properties to increase visibility for faster transactions at the best possible price

No, you don't pay anything to list any number of properties on You can list all your property(s) free of charge. And you can list as many properties as you own, however, if you want your property(s) to be added to our ‘platinum’ property pages, you will have to subscribe to a nominal package. This will help you in gaining more visibility in an unlimited list of properties. Your property will be highlighted everywhere, therefore bringing you more chances of closing the transaction faster and for the best possible price.

If you want to sell or rent your property quickly, consider upgrading to a platinum package, which will assist DirectSellBuy to place your listing among the most visible on the website. In a volume of properties these packages help you to keep your property(s) visible, gives you access to professional photographers that can make your property pictures more appealing, helps you in advertising your properties on social media platforms etc. These packages boost your chances of getting better deals in the market.

DirectSBmay have discovered discrepency in your registration. However, DirectSellBuy will send you the reason for the rejection as well as the steps you can take to rectify and re-register.

Property Seeker Related Questions

Once you shortlist a property that you are interested in and wish to speak to the owner, you can subscribe to a plan best suited for your need. This one-time paid plan will help you get Property owners' contact information. You can contact as many owners as you want based on the plan you choose.

All you have to do is log-in to your account and go to your Dashboard. It will provide you a summary of the properties you've recently viewed, allowing you to return to them without fear of losing them.

No problem!! You can call DirectSB anytime and we will make necessary arrangements for you to get in touch with the owner as soon as possible. In case, the owner is not reachable, we will refund you the credits or the money whatever will be your choice.

Of course we can. From the moment you register with us to the completion of your transaction process, DirectSB team will be with you throughout your journey. You can go to the ‘Download Documents’ tab to download all your necessary documents. If you don’t know how to formalize a contract, we will help you with that and if you need any further help, our customer care support will be there to provide all the information you need. We are just a call away.

Vacation Rental Related Questions

You can directly book the vacation rental properties from our portal. You will get the booking confirmation via SMS and E-Mail.

The payment methods are directly decided by the owner of the property. The method of payment for your stay will be specified in the listing details.