Top 5 Must Visit Places in Abu Dhabi as a Tourist

Abu Dhabi, which is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, is a luxurious metropolis that has a stylish mixture of cultural monuments and incredible modern infrastructure. Of the seven emirates in the UAE, Abu Dhabi is the largest one. The city welcomes more than 11 million tourists from different continents across the world on a yearly basis. Tourists flock to the city because it has a lot that the rest of the world envies and can’t offer, from huge and astonishing mosques to some of the best theme parks worldwide, fantastic museums, and countless deserts.

This city, which is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, is a prime example of a contemporary Gulf oil city that transformed from a fishing town to a megacity, all manifested in less than a century. In comparison to Dubai, Abu Dhabi has kept its own Arabian culture amidst its glitz and glamour. The city has a rich history dating back to 3000 B.C. The desert metropolis is also home to some of the most stunning and charming old towns that showcase its illustrious past as a desert trading hub.

This article features five of some of the best tourist destinations that one must definitely visit while in Abu Dhabi:

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the third largest mosque in the world. It is the biggest in the United Arab Emirates. Covered in white marble, this is one of the best places to visit in Abu Dhabi. Your UAE experience without a doubt wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this mammoth mosque, which showcases modern Islamic architecture. This beauty was built under the reign of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan in remembrance of his father. One of the prayer halls contains the largest loomed carpet in the world, which is a must-see for both guests and devotees. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque does not just serve as a place of worship for Muslims but is also an educational and cultural hub. The mosque is very well-liked by foreign tourists because of its glitzy construction and wonderful design and pattern

  • Louvre Museum

This French Museum is one of the most spectacular museums in the world, not just in the Middle East. It displays the traces and history of artistic accomplishments made by the human race, from ancient times up to the present day. It first opened in 2017. There are only two of these particular museums in the world. The other one is in Paris. This is definitely one of the must-visit attractions in Abu Dhabi.

The museum’s architecture is stunning and has a dome with a web design that is intended to create a “rain of light” impression inside the building. The caliber of artwork presented in the museum is astounding, from statues from ancient Egypt to well-known Picasso paintings. The Louvre Museum is the first to be open to the public out of the three significant museums that are expected to open on Saadiyat Island. The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and Zayed National Museum are both still in the planning stage.

  • Ferrari World

The Ferrari World is a branded themed park located on Yas Island. This place is heaven for car enthusiasts and thrill seekers. It is the largest indoor amusement park worldwide. This theme park offers breathtaking rides, including the Formula Rossa, which is the world’s fastest roller coaster. It showcases a superb car gallery as well, full of different Ferrari car models.

Furthermore, Ferrari World is renowned for hosting a variety of events, having a number of excellent restaurants, and having a large retail area where guests can purchase a huge selection of Ferrari goods.

  • Saadiyat Island Beach

Saadiyat Island beach is a perfect destination for tourists looking for some time in the sun. The beach is full of white sand and is located on the island’s western shore. Beachgoers are only charged a very minimal entrance fee, so they could already enjoy the state-of-the-art facilities Saadiyat has to offer, such as refreshments, pools, restaurants, sun loungers, shades, on-standby lifeguards, etc. For those tourists looking for thrills and adventure, renting kayaks and windsurfing equipment is also an excellent option for those tourists.

What are you waiting for?

Go further north along Saadiyat Island’s shore to the exclusive Saadiyat Beach Club for a more opulent day at the beach. A day pass gives you access to the exclusive beachfront and all of its wonderful amenities.

  • Warner Bros World
Best places to visit in Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros. World is one of the newest theme park additions to Yas Island. It has heart-pounding rides based on its cartoon characters, movies, and comic book heroes as well as villains that visitors, especially those with kids, would truly enjoy. This is one of the best places for friends and families to visit and spend time bonding with each other. Its six “lands” are all contained under one roof (the theme park is indoors and completely air-conditioned). There are rides for everybody. While Gotham City and Metropolis are home to some of the big-hitter highlight rides that blend 4D interactive material with roller coaster-style thrills and spills that adults could appreciate, Bedrock and Cartoon Junction are designed particularly for kids to have fun and enjoy

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