Guide to Forsan Central Mall

Among the chicest malls in Abu Dhabi is Forsan Central Mall. That’s because it houses everything you could ever need. There, you can do much more than just buy and eat. Everything you need to know about Al Forsan Mall will be covered in this guide.

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Location of Forsan Central Mall 

In the center of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, stands the Forsan Mall on Abdulrahman Bin ‘Awf Street. The Central Mall’s location is excellent because it is close to a lot of attractions

nearby landmarks

Here are some well-known sites close to Forsan Central Mall Abu Dhabi:

  • 4 minutes to NMC Royal Hospital 
  • 4 minutes to Al Urjuwan Park 
  • Three minutes to Al Forsan International Sports Resort 
  • Two minutes to Khalifa Square

In the Central Mall Khalifa City in Abu Dhabi, there are numerous national and international brands. Check out the list below to learn more about Central Mall’s businesses and prominent retailers there:

  • through Clouds Fragrance’s Grand Yathrub of Magrudy
  • Georgia’s Central Mall
  • Dr. La Rosa of La Hay Nutrition
  • Concord Saloon and Spa’s distinctive style Abu Dhabi’s Central Mall: Choice Flowers
  • Trading Waayan Housewares
  • Jewelry by La Marquise
  • Hypermarket Lulu
  • Services and Facilities at Max In Central Mall
There are many services that Forsan Central Mall Abu Dhabi provides. Find out all about them in this section.

One of Abu Dhabi’s largest hypermarkets, Lulu Hypermarket, is located in Forsan Central Mall. Everything your household would require is available in this hypermarket, including groceries, cleaning supplies, appliances, and more.

Central Mall Khalifa City Cinema

A fun weekend activity is seeing a movie at the theater. Hurry over to Central Mall Abu Dhabi Cinema to see one of the many brand-new films it has playing on its screens while enjoying some delectable popcorn.


There are several dining options at Central Mall Khalifa City, ranging from savory to sweet to just a simple cup of coffee. You can use the options listed below to locate your preferred Central Mall restaurant.

  • Azkadenya
  • Chagh Kabab
  • Famous Dave’s 
  • Fateraty 
  • Gazebo 
  • Grimaldi’s 
  • Il Forno 
  • Baskin Robbins 
  • Crepeaholic Cafe 
  • Mcdonalds Central Mall
  • Starbucks

This guide should provide all the information you need about Forsan Central Mall’s shops and eateries.

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